Make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthier.

Green Energy Science consists of a plethora of technologies behind creating a greener environment for the future of our planet. Home Energy Auditing is just one contribution, but it’s a major one. America’s existing housing needs serious help. Many of the 130 million homes in the United States were constructed before modern energy and building codes were established and prior to many of the advances in materials and workmanship. The construction suffers from performance problems ranging from hugely inflated energy consumption, to poor thermal comfort, to severe poor indoor air quality issues and infiltration by disease carrying pests. Your home is where you should be safe and protected. What many people don’t realize is that their home can be unhealthy, energy draining, and cause allergies and asthma if not sealed properly.

Over time, homes collect dust and allergens that can take root in your carpets and furniture. Appliances also break and wear-down over time, which can destroy the energy efficiency of your home. Home Energy Performance is here to help you get your home or business healthy and energy efficient. An energy audit can reduce or completely eliminate these common problems: hot and cold spots, excessive dust, allergy and asthma suffering, dry or damp indoor air, noisy or unreliable heating/cooling equipment systems, and unnecessarily excessive utility bills.

We are here to help. Our Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified and trained staff use the latest technology and thermal imaging solutions to help pinpoint the areas of your home that could be operating more efficiently, while reducing and eliminating the problems that are causing discomfort. We are passionate, thorough and dedicated to making your home energy efficient and healthy. Call us today for a home energy performance audit to make your home, business, or school energy efficient and healthy again.